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In 2005 my boss went on a work trip to Germany.  He knew that I dreamed of traveling so when he brought me back a postcard from places he visited for work.  I pinned the first few up on a cork board on my office wall.  But when he brought me one of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany I just couldn’t put a pin in it.  Instead I bought myself a book and started my postcard collection.

These days I get postcards in several different ways – Hubby brings them home from new places he goes for work, friends send them to me from places they go, or when I am really lucky I buy them for myself when I visit somewhere new.  I know that most people see them as corny little bits of travel kitsch but there is just so much you can do with them.

postcards 5


My Favorite Ways To Use Postcards

  1. Frame them around the house.  The great thing about having them up in frames is you can switch them if you get a new card you love.
  2. Use them in scrapbooks for trips you have taken.  They make it so much easier.  Sure you can spend an hour trying to find just the right angle without strangers standing in front of a building you visited for your own photo – or – you could buy a post card for a dollar.
  3. There will be some places you visit where you are not allowed to take pictures at all.  I think it is to keep people from bottlenecking at certain points, Hubby says it is because the flash could hurt the displayed things.  Either way you can bet your last doughnut that the place will sell postcards of the most popular / important things.
  4. If you really love someone you could even send them one in the mail.  You know use them how they were intended.  Hubby likes to mail ones to Mermaid when he travels.  Some times they make it home after him, but either way she is 4 and she loves it.  (If you are staying in a hotel ask the front desk – they normally have a stamp you can have/ buy and will mail the card for you.)
  5. Put postcard books so you can flip through them when you are thinking about your bucket list.  You could make it fancy or as simple as you like.  Personally I like to use a sketch book with a spiral edge.  I hold the postcards in with little photo corner edges.IMG_2953


Next time you go on a trip take a second and check out the post card stand.  The are one of the cheapest souvenirs you can buy on your trip and the easiest to pack and bring home.

Leave me a comment below and let me know where your favorite postcard is from!  I think mine is still the original one from Neuschwanstein Castle.


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