The Journey Begins

AK_TRPLAZARIGHT_20171027_405840409347I have always believed that one of the greatest things you can do is go on an adventure.  To open your front door and know when you go through it you will be taking a trip that is going to make you smile and laugh, while creating memories that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

Hubby and I have always loved to take trips together.  We take all kinds of trips – some are simple over night road trips, there are couple getaways, family trips with our daughter, road trips with friends, and family trips with Hubby’s parents.  There are life time trips – those that you have to save for years to get to go on.  Hubby (that lucky man) gets to go all over the world for work trips – some times he even gets to explore the area.

With this blog we want to share with you the different kinds of fun you will experience on your own family adventures – and how to do it without loosing your mind.  I am going to share all my tricks for planning your trip in advance and how to save money by doing so.  Ever wonder what to pack on a trip to New Orleans? I got you covered!  Need help spending a week at Disney with your In-laws?  I can help with that too.

All you need to do is follow our family on our adventures and start planning your own!

Take a break from everything!






Experience Desert Safari

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